Ballet 1B For new ballet dancers ages 6-9, addresses basic traveling patterns & fundamental ballet positions & movements.

Ballet 1A For ballet dancers ages 6-9, addresses concepts in 1B at an accelerated pace.

Ballet 2B For dancers ages 7-12 who completed Level 1 basics & can progress to intermediate ballet movements & patterns.

Ballet 2A For dancers ages 8 -12, who have completed work in Level 1 and are prepared to progress with ballet movements & patterns.

Ballet 3B For preteen & teenage students who have completed Level 2 work. This is a fast-paced class designed for learning at an accelerated rate, beginning a more intense study of complex movements, ballet terminology, and precision.

Ballet 3A For teenage students who have completed Levels 2 & 3 and can work at an accelerated pace.

Ballet 4C* For new teenage students with little to moderate ballet training.

Ballet 4B* For intermediate teenage students who have a firm grasp of ballet concepts, terms, & technique.

Ballet 4A For a high intermediate students who have a firm grasp of ballet concepts, terms, & technique.

Ballet 5/6** For advanced students with substantial experience, focusing on complex patterns, terms, & technique.

*Ballet 4B and 4C are combined this year, due to enrollment

**A second class is required for students taking class at this level

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